Father-Daughter Team Wins $15.8 Million Lotto Jackpot

February 13th, 2017   ·   Read 2 Comments...

Rockland lottery winners

A father and daughter team from New York has just scored a hefty lottery win. Suffern’s Frank Rivera and his daughter Laura Rivera-Sachs will share a $15.8 million prize.

Rivera had earlier bought the winning ticket from the Drug Mart Tallman store on Route 59 in Suffern. The retired corrections officer said that sometime after the draw, he checked his tickets and discovered it was a big winner. He checked the ticket a few more times, as he could not really believe he had really won.

He finally called up his daughter, who works as a business analyst in New Jersey, to confirm. Though initially unbelieving, she later realized they were indeed big winners after checking the numbers multiple times. Each of them will take home $3,766,686 net of taxes.

Read more in http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/rockland/2017/02/10/223-million-rockland-lottery-winners-disbelief/97743152/

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  • Cheryl

    What would be the odds of talking in person to some of these big winners. I have done so much reading and trying to do the frequency chart, hi, low numbers,and still can’t even get close… I don’t mean to sound crazy, but I am so close to losing my house and everything I own. I really need to win just to be able to survive… crazy?
    I would just love to be able to talk to some of them, maybe they will share some good points…

    • Lottery Blog

      Cheryl, they won because they played AND they were lucky. They don’t have some secret way to ‘beat the system’, because that just does not exist. It really doesn’t.

      By all means spend a dollar or two on a ticket because that gives an infinitely better chance of winning than not buying a ticket. But do not play with money you cannot afford to lose. If you are really in danger of losing your house then you need to get expert advice on that – the lottery is not the answer to this problem.

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