Five Countries With Most Euromillions Winners

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Recent statistics have revealed the five countries that have won the most Euromillions jackpots out of the total of nine participating countries.  Surprisingly the UK does not land the very top spot.  That honor belongs to France who has has very good success, as evidenced by 67 jackpot win accounting for 25.9% of the total of 259 jackpots paid out till date.

Spain comes in second with 53 jackpot winners representing 20.5% of all jackpots won.  Portugal comes a close third, with 51 wins.  This has been a very good years for the Portuguese as they have six jackpots in hand for 2013.

The UK comes fourth with 39 UK players having won jackpots.  While the UK may rank only fourth in number of jackpot winners, the total jackpot money won by UK players of 1,791 million, is far more than the totals of Spain and Portugal.  Fifth in number of jackpot winners is Belgium with 21 recorded thus far.

In very sharp contrast, players from Switzerland have yet to snag their first jackpot win.  Since the total bets coming from each of the nine member countries have not been included in the data, we can only surmise that more Euromillions tickets were sold in the luckiest countries.


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