Florida Lottery Draws 14-15-16-17-18

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The Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 game drew an ‘unusual’ result on Monday, when out came a complete set of consecutive numbers – 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

Incredible, cry the misguided lottery prediction enthusiasts.

Impossible, foul play, shout the conspiracy theorists.

Nothing significant in any way say the level headed sensible lottery players..!

It does seem significant, because yes, the numbers are all consecutive. But there are 32 sets of numbers in there that are consecutive. And all of those sets of numbers are of course just as likely to come out as any other.

We see something in the numbers because our brains are hard wired to make patterns, even when those patterns don’t mean anything useful to us.

There was one actual interesting fact that came out of this result though.

And that was the discovery that 47 people played those numbers. With only 1 of those being a quick pick ticket. So 46 people specifically chose that sequence of numbers.

The reason that is interesting is because normally only a couple of people would have matched all 5 numbers. So instead of winning in the region of $100,000+, these folks won just $4,581.74 each.

You could argue that it’s better to have won that small amount than nothing at all, but I’ll stick to playing less popular numbers and winning the whole jackpot next week instead…

How do you pick your lottery numbers?

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