Where Do You Keep Your Lottery Tickets?

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Us lottery players are a strange bunch.

The Mirror reports the results of a survey into what we do to keep our lottery tickets safe.

7% of people surveyed would keep a winning ticket under their mattress. With 4% hiding it in a picture frame. And bizarrely 5% would keep it in their underwear!

According to a National Lottery spokeperson:-

Winners take all sorts of precautions to keep their ticket safe before they claim a jackpot prize. We’ve heard of various strange places over the years from keeping it in a dictionary under ‘M’ for millionaire or even in their underwear.

Disturbingly, only 47% of people would trust their partner enough to look after the ticket. And I can’t believe just 12% would trust their mothers to keep a winning ticket safe. I bet those mothers would happily be sharing their winnings with their children.

Where would you stash your jackpot winning ticket to keep it safe?

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