Florida Lottery Winner Attempts To Sell Baby On Facebook?

March 15th, 2011   ·   Read 2 Comments...

When times get tough, selling one of your grandchildren is not often the solution.

Patti Bigbee, 46, of Holly Hill, Florida appears in court today charged with illegal sale or surrender of a child, together with her daughter and boyfriend.

It’s alleged that Bigbee and her daughter, Stephanie, who is the mother of the 9 week old baby boy planned to sell him for $75,000.

She was arrested with her boyfriend Lawrence Works in November in the process of delivering the infant to a couple in a Best Buy car park in Daytona Beach, after negotiating payment of just $30,000.

The story becomes even more bizarre as we discover that Bigbee won over $1 million on the Missouri lottery less than 3 years ago. But is believed to have blown through the entire sum already.

The baby was allegedly in the grandmothers care after being abandoned by her daughter.

The tale twists further however, as it turns out the wife of the couple receiving the baby, Danielle Skiver, was actually the biological daughter of Bigbee. Danielle herself was given up for adoption 26 years ago, and had recently reconnected with Bigbee via Facebook.

Danielle and her husband were happy to adopt the baby when they discovered he was unwanted, but were shocked when there was suddenly a fee of $75,000 being requested. They called in the police and worked with them to catch Bigbee in the act of selling of the child.

The baby is safely in Florida protective care, while the case continues.

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  • Lottery Blog

    Patti Bigbee has now entered her plea to the charges of ‘illegal sale of a child’, and that of ‘using a cellular telephone to commit a crime’.

    She pleaded no contest to the charges, and faces sentencing on 11th August.

  • Big Pete

    After you sell your body to have the baby, doesn’t it make sense to sell the baby also? And why not in a Best Buy parking lot? Makes sense to me, mon.

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