Nolan’s ‘Hoax’ and How He’s a Swell Guy After All

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You remember our old ‘friend’ Nolan Daniels, the Facebook hoaxer?

Well, would you believe, it turns out Nolan was not just another overage adolescent ‘having a bit of a laugh’. He was actually conducting a serious social media experiment on Facebook users. Well, at least that’s what he now says in an article he has written for the Huffington Post

Nolan explains that he’d seen a similar faked winners photo, along with a link to a book that the ‘winner’ claimed had helped him. So Nolan thought he’d do the same and see who would fall for it.

The highly scientific study and resulting share-fest on Facebook proves just what you  might expect. Most people on Facebook will share just about anything without bothering to check any of the facts first.

But Nolan has now attempted to turn his tomfoolery into something useful. Amongst the thousands of begging messages he received as a result, Nolan found one that resonated with him personally. His attempts to turn his 5 minutes of media spotlight into a fund raising campaign for (the hopefully genuine) Brooke have resulted in 59 donations within 10 days.

It only remains to be seen if this charitable backpeddling will help fend off any attempts at securing the $1 Million Nolan publicly promised to pay out to one person who shared the hoax photo.

Giving a last word to Nolan however, from an interview conducted by Lisa Becker, he does now regret the time people have wasted sending him stories (begging letters?) although he does still maintain it has been ‘an amazing experience’.

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