Irish Lottery Shows Wrong Results

December 19th, 2011   ·   Read 4 Comments...

It’s not entirely rare for the wrong lottery results to appear.

But normally it’s a third party – you know, a small newspaper printing last weeks numbers, or a regional TV show accidentally putting up last weeks graphic.

Not this time.

RTE is the Irish State broadcaster. They run the Irish lotto draw show.

So when they manage to put up the wrong results at the end of the show, you have to start worrying about where you are checking your own lottery results!

Let me be clear that there was nothing wrong with the actual draw itself. That was fine.

Just that somebody messed up at the end of the show and put up a graphic of the wrong lottery numbers.

There was a big apology and a couple of announcements (the first within an hour) that corrected the error. But let’s hope the €4,817,816 jackpot winner hasn’t thrown away their ticket after seeing the wrong results…

Which all goes to remind us. When you check your lottery tickets, don’t just check them from the local free newspaper. And never throw your tickets away immediately.

Check your tickets with results from 2 different sources, and if possible make one of those a self-check scanner at an official lottery outlet. And if those tickets show up as losers, keep them for at least another few weeks. Just in case.

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  • Michael Rogers

    Checked Irish lottery plus two results shortly after tonights draw, 2.3.13. For my numbers, third line clearly showed a win. Double checked it again and again, delighted. Following a further check the result numbers had been changed. What’s going on. What went wrong? An answer would be appreciated.

  • Chris

    Wrong results on the national-lottery .com site on Wed 23rd April on draws 2 and 3 created about an hour or so later. Terrible.

    • Lottery Blog

      Not good :-(.

      It’s a good idea to check your tickets using two different sources, just to be safe.

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