Forgot To Change Lottery Numbers – Won The Jackpot

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It was very much a case of ‘dumb luck’ for the Lifschutz’s of Woodmere, Nassau County.

They picked their numbers like a lot of people do, based on birthdays and ages of their family and friends.

But Fred Lifschutz, 78, was particularly lucky to have forgotten to change his numbers, or he would never have won.

Playing their daughters birthdays and ages, Fred had meant to update the numbers, to his daughters new ages.

But he instead carried on reusing the same playslip, and forgot to update them.

That small oversight has just made Fred and wife Beverly $21.5 Million richer by winning the 18th May jackpot on the New York Lotto.

Fred was still at a total loss about the win when they were presented their winnings check at Lottery HQ in Garden City:

I called my wife to tell her to come home right away. I was stunned. I am still stunned.

They haven’t decided yet if to take the lump sum option or not.

But Beverly says they are not ones for extravagance, and will continue to keep living the same lifestyle as before.

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