New Jersey Lottery Pool Wins Millions

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Sue Nickel is one of sixteen people who put in $6 each towards a lottery pool composed of Ocean City vehicle service department employees who have just won a third of a $448 million powerball jackpot.  Now she can hardly believe the good fortune that has come their way.

She, like many if not all the other winners, were adversely affected by recent super storm Sandy, her house being submerged in 7 feet of water at the time.  Now she says the win will help them regain what they lost.  Sue loves her job and wants to work for the next eighteen months at least, but wants to have her husband retire.

Jim Pine, director of the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department, describes the group as “wonderful and hardworking” people.  But if many of them decide to retire or go into business for themselves, Jim will have a lot of hiring to do.


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