Freeman Wins $25M Powerball Jackpot

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Jimmy Freeman bought a quick pick ticket for the Powerball draw on Wednesday 8th June.

Jimmy, 58, from Fall River, Massachusetts, then walked into lottery headquarters on Thursday morning to claim his $25,6000,000 winnings.

Most players take some time to think things over, generally panic and then consult legal and financial advisors before coming forward. But Jimmy didn’t want to hang around in case they changed their mind about the winning numbers.

His first purchase when the money arrives will be a brand new Hyundai Elantra – one with a remote starter, he says.

The winning ticket was bought at Joe’s Market in Robeson Street, Fall River. Gunvantkumar Patel, the very happy owner, will receive a payment of $50,000 for selling Jimmy his ticket.

The Powerball winning numbers for 8th June were 14, 37, 44, 45 and 53 – with a Powerball of 29.

Jimmy will bank $9.4 million winnings after opting for a lump sum payment, and after deduction of taxes.

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