Great Gran Proves It Is Never Too Late To Win

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Jennifer Hancocks has been betting on the National Lottery ever since it started, and had never won anything big – until now that is!  The mother of four, grandmother of seven and great-grandmother of one, has just won £1 million.  She was one of a hundred people who won in the special EuroMillions draw.

Jennifer reveals that she had asked one of her daughters to check a lucky dip ticket for her.  However, daughter Tina was to scared to tell her she was a big winner on her own and asked sister Maria to tell her the news.  And Jennifer would not believe her good fortune at first, but now she definitely does.

She is very grateful that there will not be any financial worries in the near future, and is thinking about moving nearer to the village.  She is also considering taking a vacation she has not had in a long time.

And yes, she treated herself to a trip to the hair salon, just so she feels more like a winner.


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