Hull Lottery Millionaires Haven’t Changed Much

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Hull Lotto Winners Enjoy Life

One year after the  lottery made them millionaires Steve and Jill Walsh have not changed much, and that’s the way they like it.

When she won her million pounds just shy of Christmas last year, Jill Walsh was working long shifts as a nurse in the cardiology unit of Castle Hill Hospital. The win allowed her to retire comfortably although her husband Steve has chosen to continue working as an electrician.

One of their first purchases then was a Mercedes – her dream car. They have also moved from rented premises to their own 4-bedroom home with a spa room and a garden, which they paid for in cash. And when the boiler on their new home suddenly quit, they did not have to scrounge for the  £2,500 it cost to replace it.

The have also done renovations in  the home to reflect their love for diving and music. But overall they have not changed much. They still save money and look forward to using some of their winnings to help their children buy their own homes. And they have also been generous in  giving to local causes.

Although their lives have not changed much by choice, they do not really have to worry about money matters anymore. And yes they still play the lottery.


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