“I don’t want to jump the gun but I think I’m a millionaire!”

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It took just 3 quick picks for a total cost of £6 to turn Alex Wheatley into a millionaire.

Another winner from the Olympics Special EuroMillions draw, Alex, 26, only plays the game when the jackpot has rolled over significantly.

But he didn’t hit the jackpot this time as the Olympic sized pot has continued to roll over twice since, to a mammoth £148 Million for this Tuesday. Alex’s win came from the 100 x £1 Million winners created in one night by the Millionaire Raffle add-on game.

A regular online lottery player Alex checked his email on Sunday night to find a message from the UK lottery company telling him he had a win. But it was only when he logged in to his account that he discovered the total win was £1,000,006. One ticket won a million, another won back the £6 he had spent on tickets.

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