Jackpot Janitor Still Sweeping Floors [video]

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Tyrone Curry still gets up at 4am in the morning to clean floors and empty trash.

Despite the fact he won $3.4 Million on the lottery, five years ago.

He still lives with his family in the same home he had before he became a millionaire. And is happier spending his money helping out the school he works at as a janitor – rather than ‘wasting’ money on himself.

When he discovered he had won $3.4 Million on the Washing State Quinto game, he celebrated by going bowling. The same way he’d spent every Wednesday night with his friends for the past 25 years.

Tyrone explained he was just an average Joe. And despite being on the verge of bankruptcy before the big win, his home was open to all, just like he learned from his wise old mom:

You can have something, but that person next to you might not have anything. If you look out for that someone, they’ll look out for you.

So Tyrone just paid off their debts, and bought a new heat pump for the house. And still spends more time thinking about what he can do for others.

As well as the hours he puts in as janitor, Tyrone helps out with lunch service and coaches the school track team.

He recently splashed out $40,000 to give the school a new running track, and also plans to fund new tennis courts too.

Does he still play the lottery?

Of course he does, as Tyrone says “I’m not done”.

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