MLB Player Pranked With Fake Lottery Ticket [video]

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How does an MLB player react after being fooled into believing he had won a $10,000 jackpot?  Watch just how happy it made the guy feel – before he found out about the prank.

Wade Miley  and mental skills coach Peter Crone had been buying scratchers for some time. After setting aside time to scratch their tickets off each Sunday, their habit was exposed to other members of the Arizona Diamondbacks team who thought it would be funney to play a prank on Miley.  So, fellow reliever Will Harris bought a fake lottery ticket that seemed to indicate a $10,000 win, and mixed it with Miley’s good tickets.

Miley bought it hook line and sinker, hugging and high fiving team mates.  To his credit, Miley took it quite well.  We don’t know if he’s dreaming of a prank of his own though!

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