Jackpot Lottery Ticket Survives Washing Machine

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A man from Christchurch, New Zealand was lucky twice over when he discovered he had washed a lottery ticket in his jeans pocket.

Not only did the ticket survive the full wash cycle, it turned out to be worth $250,000.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, was doing his laundry when he discovered the mistake:

I went through the wet pockets and realised I had washed a Lotto ticket in the jeans. I figured it wouldn’t be worth anything.

But he took it to his local Countdown supermarket anyway, and tried it in the ticket scanner. It failed to scan.

The lady behind the counter offered to check the ticket for him, and he was stunned to find he had actually matched all 6 numbers and won the jackpot.

There were 3 other winners that week for the $1 Million jackpot prize, so each of the 4 received a payment of $250,000.

The Christchurch man’s winning ticket was for the New Zealand Lotto game drawn on 9th July. It was bought at the Pak’n’Save in Moorhouse.

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