Jackpot Win Saves Ticket Seller From Closure

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It’s not often you hear about the hard working store owners that we buy our tickets from.

You know, the folks who work 12 hour days selling us everything from newspapers to chocolate bars. And then have to try and feed our crumpled up lottery playslips into the machine, whilst still maintaining a happy smile.

They only make a few percent of the price of the tickets you buy. But a lot of people don’t realise that in some countries they also get a bonus if winning tickets are sold by their store.

Which for Sadruddin Ali proved to be a real timely gift.

Ali runs the Dos Amigas on Avenue C in Beaumont, Texas. But the store has been doing really badly recently in the current economic climate. It had even got to the stage where Ali wasn’t sure how the bills were going to get paid.

His answer arrived when the Texas Lottery Commission got in touch to tell him he had sold a $15 Million winning Texas lottery ticket. And that meant he was getting a bonus payment of $150,000.

Now Ali can pay the bills, and is excited again about the future for his store:

I will put signs everywhere to let people know my store is a lucky store.

Of course, we all know it doesn’t really matter where we buy our tickets, but if given the choice of a ‘lucky’ store – who can say no?

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  • Andrew

    Yes, I agree with you, it doesn’t matter from where you buy the ticket. But if you win the prize then the store will be lucky for you.

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