Jobless Perth Man Wins A Million Dollars

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The Lottery may just have saved a Perth man from financial ruin. In fact the lottery caused a complete turnaround in the man’s fortunes.

Just a few weeks ago, the man had been made redundant from the job he had been holding for more than ten years. That set him sending out a flurry of applications hoping to land a job to replace the one he had just lost. But the man plays the lottery and, in this case, it made all the difference.

He had bought a Lotterywest ticket from the appropriately named Lucky Charm in Karawara. This time as he checked the ticket he initially thought he had won a few hundred dollars, but he badly was mistaken. He had actually won a division one prize of a million dollars!

Having played the lottery for the past 15 years, the win could not have come at a better time. Now the man says he is no longer in a hurry to land a replacement job. With  his windfall he can now afford to wait to find the perfect job.


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