Kentucky Lottery Error Results In Two Sets Of Winners

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An error in the first drawing of the Kentucky Lottery’s Pick 4 game has benefited bettors as officials decided to hold a second draw.

In the first draw of the Pick 4 game Monday, the numbers 1-7-6-5 came up. This resulted in thirty-eight people each winning $11,300.  However, a review of the draw revealed that one of the balls on the first chamber bounced into the second chamber of draw machine.  This resulted in an imbalance as only nine balls remained on the first chamber, while the second chamber had one extra ball.

The officials conducted a second draw which resulted in the numbers 9-3-4-9.  And the good news is, the Kentucky Lottery will pay winners of both draws.  The lottery may have lost a small amount of money with the double payout, but it sure boosts bettor confidence.


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