Late Sister Gave Man Winning Lotto Numbers

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Many of us lottery players are still dreaming of winning a big jackpot. That’s fine because dreams are free. But Bahadur Sultani and his mother, Aghdas Mehdizadeh are different. They are not just dreamers anymore after bagging a $5 million prize from the 6/49 lotto. But what is more remarkable is that the number combination that they used to win came to him in dream.

His sister, who had passed a few years ago came to him in a dream and gave him the numbers 40, 41, 1 and 15. At the advice of his mother, Bahadur started using the numbers to play the lottery.  Everytime he did, he asks his mother to provide the missing two numbers. For the Dec. 28th draw, his mother gave him the numbers 5 nd 10. And that was all it took to land the truck driver and his mother in the list of Canadian Lottery millionaires.

His mother plans to move to British Columbia and Bahadur wants to buy a monster truck.  They plan to use some of their prize to give to charity. Bahadur bought the winning ticket from Fas Gas service station located at B-7960 50th Ave. in Red Deer, Alta. while travelling in his truck.




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