Laundry Worker Wins A Million

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Susan Corley often plays the regular lottery, but only makes a bet on the Euromillions whenever there is special draw on.   So, upon learning of the Euromillions draw, she bought a ticket without expecting to win.

But when she asked the postman to check her tickets for her, the person who checked the tickets did not throw them away for her as he usually did.  This time the checker returned her ticket and asked her to contact lottery operators Camelot.

The laundry worker, does not plan to stop working as she loves her job and says her colleagues are great.  She however plans to buy a house, and another for her son.  She also plans to set up something for a grandchild and is happy to know she does not have to worry about finances for the foreseeable future.

And for those who are wondering, just because a laundry worker wins loads of money does not mean it constitutes money laundering.  She knows where she wants to put her money, and it is nowhere near the laundry!


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