Lincolnshire Lottery Winners Buy Bungalows

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It might not conjure up images of the most glamorous  millionaire lifestyles, but this Lincolnshire syndicate are happy enough with their new homes.

John Bell and his wife Chris, together with 3 colleagues at the Moy Park food plant in Sleaford made up the 5 strong group.

They won £4,197,764 playing the UK Lotto on 5th February.

Andrew Mowat and his wife Christine have already bought a bungalow in Scotland:

We fell in love with this bungalow, so we bought it. So in six weeks time we’re moving up to Scotland.

Joe Burton is looking at buying a similar property.

John Bell, 59, happily retired 3 days after the news of their big win came in. They are looking to buy a property but are not rushing into anything.

The 5th syndicate member chose to remain anonymous. But has probably already bought a bungalow too.

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