Lottery Gifts Couple With Two Houses In Five Years

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For Dawn and Jerry Krolikowski winning in the lottery has come with a bit of a burden.  They feel as though they have received more than their fair share of luck.  This is understandable as this very normal couple has done what no other men have:  win two houses from the  Lottery in a span of five years.

When they first won a grand prize of the Princess Margaret Lottery, a mansion listed at $3,560,000 in 2009, they sold the house for about $2 million – $1.2 million  in cash and a plot of land and a house worth about $800,000.  Even then they gave back by giving unusually large tips, some cash gifts, donations to charity and going on a trip with friends.  Most of the cash went into investments.

Then this year they won a house worth $668,000 and an Audi Q5 from the Home Lottery; their luck is beginning to get embarrassing.  They have since decided to take the cash value of the car, and are selling the house for $625,000.

Still they can’t shake the feeling that some of their colleagues may be looking at them with envy.  That is perfectly understandable since many people are still waiting for their first big win.  Some people just seems to have all the luck.


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