Lottery ‘Hobby’ Pays $99 Million Dividend

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Retired HVAC technician Lewis Howard calls playing the lottery his hobby. That is why there was nothing unusual in his spending $5 to buy Mega Millions Tickets for the May 17 draw from the Food Lion on South Main Street in Farmville, except for the result.  He even had the machine pick out the numbers at random.

He had a premonition that money was coming his way when his hand itched as he was watching he draw on television.  Sure enough all six numbers on one of his tickets were called one after the other.  He had won a share of a $198 million jackpot along with another winner from New Jersey.

He was so concerned about making the right moves that he waited a few months before claiming his half of the jackpot Thursday.  During time he had held on to his ticket, he had assembled a team of financial and legal advisers.  He chose to receive his winnings in a single payment of $73.3 million before taxes.

Mr. Howard now plans to set aside some money for his family and go on a cruise.  He insists that he is still the same ordinary person, and will in fact continue playing the lottery.

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