Lottery Player’s Patience Rewarded After 30 Years

June 24th, 2014   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

A lottery player who dreamed of waking up to find herself a lottery winner invested thirty years worth of entries using the same 7, 11, 12, 13, 35 and 41 combination.  The numbers represented the ages of her family members and the date they emigrated to Canada.  The 6/49 Lotto finally rewarded her patience with a $6,986,491.90 win on June 4.

Maria Digel of Winnipeg never thought she would win that much – she thought it would be nice to win perhaps $100,000.  When the clerk at the Real Canadian Superstore at 2132 McPhillips St.,  informed her she won more than six million dollars, she was stunned.

Digel plans to distribute the winnings among her family members and keep only a small amount to herself.  That makes for one big happy family.


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