Lottery Publishes Profile Of The Average Irish Lotto Winner

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Irish lottery winner profile

In this digital age, information is king. Maybe that’s why the National Lottery has just released data on the average profile of Irish people who win the lottery.

It seems like 7 f 10 winners in 2016 were male. Does this mean that males are more lucky, or that more males play the lottery?  Another bit of information says that 7 of 10 Irish winners were aged 45 or over. Maybe seniors have more money to play or just more time on their hands to play the lottery. Interestingly only 4 in 10 of the winners said the first person they told is their life partner. And 20% of the winners were so fearful they slept with the winning tickets under their pillow.

Most Irish winners were from Dublin, and 25% of them were drivers. While the most popular way to celebrate a win is a pint, a full 47% want to head to the Caribbean or some other beach in warmer climes.


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