Lottery Win Moves Retirement Forward

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Janette Robertson of Forfar, like most lottery players, dream of winning a sum large enough to retire on.  When she found out she was one of the winners of the Euromillions Millionaire’s raffle, she and her husband decided to move the retirement they had originally planned for the later part of this year a few months forward.

She had bought the ticket at Hampton’s Newsagent where she worked, and she was more used to paying out small prizes to their clients.  Now it is her turn to get paid, but her £1 million prize will have to be claimed at the National Lottery offices.

Since her win, she has retired, bought a new Mini, shared some of the money with relatives, and booked a dream holiday in Florida for her and her family.

She still buys lottery tickets, so you just might see her name in the news again.


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