Lottery Win Saves Couple From Having To Sell Their Home

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A couple from Southend-on-the- sea, whose financial situation had been very desperate, have won a reversal of fortune from the lottery.

Pearce, 66, and Deb Gellatly, 58, had their retirement plans all worked out. But fate dealt them a bad hand when Pearce had a heart attack which forced him to quit working altogether. The financial strain had been so bad they had considered selling their home and moving to more affordable digs.

And then  they received an email from the lottery which did not excite them at first. Not even when they opened the email because they thought they’d won a pound. Their hearts began to pound only after they noticed the bunch of noughts after the 1. They had won the £1m Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize. In an instant they turned from almost indigent to affluent.

Both admit they will have to take care of the important things first like paying off mortgages and other financial obligations and home renovations. One thing they intend to do is get properly married.

After that they can better plan what they want to do in their sunset years. And their win has made those plans a lot rosier.


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