Lottery Winner Chooses To Do Full Time Charity Work

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Rachel Lapierre has lived the good life. She had once been Miss Quebec, worked as a glamorous model, and later ran her own modelling school. But there was one thing she wanted to do most – help other people. This is why when she won a large lottery prize, she chose to turn her back on business to do charity work full time.

Lapierre had won a weekly stipend of Canadian $1000 from the Quebecois lottery’ game called “Gagnant à vie”, which means “winner for life.” This was all she needed to establish a charity called Le Book Humaitaire which which connects needy people with possible donors. The needs of poor people are published and the community is encouraged to help. There is also a system where donors can post what they want to donate so those interested may ask for them.

The $1000 she receives each week means she doesn’t have to work and even to subsidize some of the organization’s costs. She is determined to give as much as she can all her life while trying to imitate her idol – Mother Theresa. She’s giving it all away and is happy to do it.


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