Lottery Winner Found $1.2M Ticket In The Bin

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Here’s a timely reminder to keep your lottery tickets safe.

A Western Australian woman nearly missed out on a $1.2 Million jackpot when she couldn’t find her winning ticket.

She won a Division One prize on Saturday and has now come forward to claim the prize after locating her missing ticket, in the recycling bin.

The women only went looking for her ticket after hearing that a Division One winning ticket had been sold in her local area. She had no idea it was her ticket, and it took a detailed search of the house before she realised the million dollar ticket must have been thrown out.

I nearly fell backwards. It all just feels like a dream at the moment. I’m just in shock.

She had bought the ticket weeks before when a friend pointed out the big $21 Million jackpot. And the win could not have come at a better time – the money will go to ensuring a better future for her children with lots of opportunities that she wasn’t personally able to enjoy.

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