Lottery Winner Leaves Glamour Behind To Farm Pigs

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One former lottery winner was a lot more stylish before her win.  Sue Herdmanwas a well-dressed hairdresser before she won a £1.2 million five years ago.  But while most winners embrace the good life, she has turned to a pig farmer.

When she won her prize, her then-boyfriend’s father had a farm.  When they decided to live together, she sold her salon and was exposed to the farm life.  Though she turned up her nose at the smelly porkers at first, she was hooked after the first time she assisted a sow at birth.

Now she works long days and wears smelly clothes most of the time, but she loves it.  And that is the real essence of happiness; not necessarily living the high life as much as being free to do what you want!  In that aspect she is a winner as well.


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