Lottery Winner Promises $10,000 Tip To Sales Clerk

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Most lottery winners are frequent players, and Max Coronado is one of them.  Sue Park, a clerk at the store where he buys his tickets from, says he buys tickets every week.  What sets Max apart from most winners is the generous tip he has promised to the person who sold him the ticket – Sue.

Max had always talked of giving a huge tip to the store clerk if ever he wins big.  After checking about a month’s worth of accumulated lottery entries he found himself a winner of a $92 payout, part of which he immediately spent on more tickets.  More importantly, one Mega Millions entry matched all five numbers except for the Mega number.  Suddenly Max was $1,567,705 richer.

Max missed the biggest payout, but still promised a $10,000 tip to sales clerk Sue Park, so she can go visit relatives in Korea.  He also says part of the money will go towards paying off his house.


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