Lottery Winner Speaks On Life Changes

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Many of the news we have about the lottery emphasize the upsides; how people’s lives are changed for the better by significant lottery wins.  But Jane Cunningham, who won a £7,544,200 jackpot in December 2008 knows that when people find out, life turns upside down.

When she won the lottery, she decided to remain anonymous.  An inquisitive daughter, however, leaked her suspicions that her mum may have won the lottery.  That started the maddening calls coming, which was followed by meetings with familiar people who suddenly felt she owed them drinks or something – all just because she won big money.

Well it took her 14 years of playing the lottery before she won the big one, so she deserved it.  She has now come to terms with the changes that come sudden riches – both the good and the not so good.  She says that “Life is great.”


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