Lottery Winner Still Wants A Diploma

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How would you feel if you won a huge lottery jackpot for free? That is almost the case with Atlantic Lottery 6/49 jackpot winner Myra Bourgeois.

She heard that the winning ticket was issued in Stephenville the day after the draw. That is when she remembered the ticket she bought the day before, but it was a dud. She next checked a free ticket she had won and was stunned to find all numbers matched those drawn the night before. She found it so hard to believe that she called two friends over at 6:40 am just to ask them to verify the win. But the win was real. She later received the $4,247,053 from lottery officials at a ceremony at a Days Inn, where her son and a lot of friends were present.

Despite her newfound affluence, she’s determined to finish a business administration course she started a year ago. She also has plans to acquire a dream home in the Bay St. George area, give to people who have helped her along the way, and to go shopping in New York with close friends.

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