Lottery Winner To See Mother After 11 Years

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Ontario winner

Life can be cruel sometimes, and in the case of an Ontario man of Iraqi descent, health and financial issues have prevented him from seeing his mother for the last 11 years! But that is about to change for this Canadian.

Sheba Sheba stopped at a convenience store for coffee and to check his lotto ticket. Since he did not have his glasses all he saw was something odd when he checked it. So he brought it over to the clerk for validation. That was when the clerk started screaming that he was a big winner. Sure enough Sheba Sheba’s ticket had won a Canada 6/49 lottery jackpot prize of more than $12 million. He hurried home, woke up the family and gave them the good news.

Now his first priority is to see his mother in Lebanon. He also plans to see several other relatives in Iraq and Jordan. With such a big win, he says he will help his married daughter buy a house, see his youngest daughter through college, and help his son open a barber shop.

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