Lottery Winner Wants To Revive Sistrunk Boulevard

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Miguel Pilgram was like most lottery players. He regularly bought $20 worth of tickets per week but was not so diligent in checking the results. Good for him the clerk at the gas station where he buys tickets insisted he check.

The man said the store had sold the winning ticket and he could be the winner. And he was right. One of the Florida Lottery tickets had won $52 million, and suddenly he was incredibly rich. That was 10 years ago.

Now the winner, who grew up in Fort Lauderdale wants to give back to the community in a very different way. He wants to spur the redevelopment of Sistrunk Boulevard, which he says the county considers the “historical heartbeat of Fort Lauderdale’s oldest black community.”

He is talking about setting up restaurants, shops, and a center for performing arts to inspire children in the community. He also envisions a bank and other retail shops being set up in the area.

Pilgram feels it is his obligation to help revive the area and says lottery winnings have only allowed to multiply his capabilities.


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