Lotto Millionaires Build Gingerbread House For Children’s Charity

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While lottery wins do not make better people, it does empower them to do whatever they like to do better. And if that’s charity work, then everybody wins.

This Christmas season a group of lottery millionaires have chosen to give back by building a gingerbread playhouse for the Yard, a children’s charity in Dundee. The playhouse will be fitted with glowing lights, toys, and stimulating shapes. It’s meant to help disabled children  enjoy indoor and outdoor play  safely.

It took 24 hours of work from generous millionaires to get the  gingerbread house built.  While these past lottery winners relished the opportunity to do something for the children, they also got to enjoy each other’s company.

Appreciative staff of The Yard gushed about how the new gingerbread house sensory room will help their disabled wards.


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