Lotto Winner Buys 18ft Christmas Tree For New Home

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Kevin Jones and  his wife Michelle were in very dire straits early this year.  They had just returned from Spain after losing all they had in a burglary.  But the lottery changed all that.

After their misadventure in Spain the couple had nothing.  In fact Jones had to work 12 hour shifts as a bus driver just to keep the wolves at bay.  His and his wife Michelle, who used to work as a teacher’s assistant, still entertained hopes of getting out of financial trouble.  They helped this dream along by playing the lottery regularly.  And then one fine day in May their efforts were rewarded.  The couple bagged a £6.1 million jackpot.  Suddenly they were incredibly rich!  He resigned from the bus company the next day.

For their first Christmas after their life-changing win Jones has bought an 18 ft. tree to adorn his yard.  He says he will enjoy asking loved ones what they want for Christmas, knowing full well they can now afford almost anything.

They have also moved to a new home since the win and have booked a trip to the Mediterranean.

Jones still buys a lucky dip regularly, hoping that lightning  will strike twice.


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