Lotto Winner Buys New Home For Mum & Ailing Child

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Big-hearted Gillian Bayford, who won a £148 million lotto jackpot back in 2012, has just found another way to prove her generosity.  The owner of A&G Properties has just bought and refurbished a house Carnoustie High Street specifically suited for the needs of Blake McMillan.

The boy’s mum was in tears as she was handed the keys to the home she will rent from A&G.  She says that even though she will rent the home, Bayford’s company has kindly offered to pay for the required adaptations to the home as a sort of Christmas gift to Blake.

Jenny’s 4-year old son Blake suffers from a rare genetic syndrome, so Jenny really needs an open plan type of home where she could see Blake all the time.  She has been actively raising funds for research into Blake’s condition – something that Gillian has learned to admire.  Jenny says the new home “means the world” to her, and now all the money she raises will go directly to research efforts.

Come January Jenny and Blake will be able to move into their new home, which allows her to keep an eye on Blake all the time.  She says this gives the whole family a new lease on life.

Gillian, for her part, is just glad to be able to help someone from her community she believes deserve all the help she can get.


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