Lotto Winner To Travel To Graceland

January 15th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

When David Hendry, 45, and his wife Donna, 44, won half of a triple roll-over National Lottery draw, they immediately decided to fulfill a dream trip.  The happy couple plan to travel  to Graceland to be at their late idol’s home on his birthday.

It turned out to be a very good decision when Hendry decided to go to the post office before Christmas and purchased three week’s worth of tickets – so he does not miss a draw over the holidays.  It was one of those tickets which gave them a £4,078,509 jackpot.

He and his wife have not decided whether they want to give up their work or not, although with four million pounds, they can certainly afford to.  What lies in the near future is their son’s birthday which comes next week.  That should turn out to be a big celebration.


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