Louisiana Lotto Winner Collects Winnings While Sheriff Gathers Evidence For Fraud

October 13th, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

On Monday morning Wally Shihadeh was at the Louisiana lottery HQ, picking up his winnings of $709,106.

But at the same time he was picking up his winners check, the Sheriff’s department was at his store in Minden collecting evidence to charge him with credit card fraud.

By Wednesday Wally found himself a rich man in jail.

Wally owns the store at Minden Truck Stop on Highway 531. And the investigators say that Wally and a truck driver conspired to use the drivers company credit card to charge for more fuel than was actually pumped. With the two agreeing to split the extra $3,000 between them.

Wally was charged with credit card fraud by a merchant, access device fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. The driver, Thorne Thornton, 41, was also charged with access device fraud and conspiracy.

Later that Wednesday Wally was released. Not surprisingly he was able to afford the $36,500 bond required. Although amusingly the other jail residents recognised him as that lottery winner, and asked if he could help them out too.

It’s not clear if Wally chose to help any of them out.

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