Man Believes Lost Lottery Jackpot Led To Mormon Conversion

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Lottery winner Clarence Jackson was depressed after learning that he missed filing a claim for a $5.8 million lottery jackpot by a mere three days.  Jackson had bought the winning quick pick ticket in October 13, 1995 and realized he had won a big jackpot exactly a year later in October 13, 1996.

Unable to go to the lottery offices as it was a holiday, and not knowing he could have made the claim at the store he bought it from, Jackson would only be able to file the claim, accompanied by a lawyer, by 16 October 2006.  He was told the ticket has expired, signalling the beginning of years of hard work to claim his winnings.  He was not able to recover even a cent.

The years spent campaigning  to get legislation passed to allow him to collect his lost prize gave him first hand experience in politics.  He had always wanted to be a state senator but being a high school dropout put a damper to those dreams.  After his experience in the campaigning for laws in the Connecticut Legislature, friends are now asking him to run for public office.

In the middle of his depression over losing a fortune, two Mormon missionaries came to see him, at a point where he felt disaffected with any specific congregation.  This eventually led to his conversion to Mormonism which he now values above everything else.

Now Jackson will happily say that if not for his $5.8 million loss, he would not have found a new career in public service, and his new found faith; he considers himself a winner.


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