Man Claims $1 Million Lotto Win 414 Days After The Draw

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The NSW Lottery set up a campaign to identify the winner of a division 1 prize on its January 9 2016 draw. More than a year had elapsed, but the claim period for the NSW must be very long indeed.  Finally a man came out to claim the $1,020,496.38 prize, a full 414 days after the draw.

This must be the best incentive ever for cleaning one’s car! The Newcastle man, who was not identified, said he found the ticket between old cartons he had in his car all the time.  When he went to check the ticket it turned out to be a winner from more than a year ago.

Lottery outlets were almost as happy telling customers that finally the winner from Jan. 2016 has finally been identified. As for the winner, he says a few people will benefit from his win. That includes children he wants to help with house payments and grandchildren he wants to help with education.


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