Man Says He Is The Same Person Despite $87M Win

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Excitement was in the air in Naples Florida as the lottery announced that the winner of the $149 million powerball jackpot had been sold at the E’s Country Store.  Turns out that was right as a Florida family claimed to the big jackpot.

Christopher Centrella is one of three family members who shared a jackpot that paid them $87 million in lump sum payment.  Some people have said that Christopher, his father Louis, and Christopher’s wife Suzanne  are the three members of the lottery playing group, but Christopher says that is incorrect.

Christopher now claims a lot of people will be helped by the proceeds of their good fortune.  He says aside from being millions richer, he is basically the same person.  Oddly though, he has requested to be left alone and has gone underground to avoid the fame and notoriety of being a big winner.

The store was given a $60,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.


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