Missouri Man Scratches $200,000 A Year For Life

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The headlines are ablaze with stories about the vast sum won by the Scottish EuroMillions winners. But smaller prizes can be just as life changing.

Joel Wright, 52, just won the top prize with a Missouri Lottery scratch off ticket. His chosen game was “$200,000 A Year For Life”.

The prize is guaranteed for at least 20 years, making it worth a minimum of $4 Million before tax.

The “$200,000 A Year For Life” game started back on 28th August last year. It costs $20 a ticket, and features big prizes of the $200,000 per year that Joel won, plus a $50,000 a year prize too. You can take either prize as a yearly sum, or go for a lump sum – which is then based on a payout of 20 years.

Joel bought his winning scratcher at the QuikTrip in N.E. Woods Chapel Road. He just became the Missouri Lottery’s 321st instant millionaire.

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