Maryville Woman Wins $4.75 Million Lottery Jackpot

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Woman's Quick Pick Wins $4.75M Jackpot

Maryville resident Denise Banks-Wilson bought a $1 quick pick ticket for the Illinois Lottery and promptly forgot about it. But she remembered about it after seeing a social media post that the winning ticket was sold in Springfield. Since she was at work and her ticket was at home, she called and asked her husband to check.

She was surprised to get a call back soon after that she had won the jackpot of $4.75 million. She is very lucky indeed as she admits buying only two or three tickets per year!

She later showed up at lottery headquarters where she chose to receive the prize in a single lump sum of  $2,889,000 before taxes. Only two things are clear about how they want to spend the windfall: to help family and to make some investments.

The Jiffi Stop, 3300 E. Clear Lake Ave., in Springfield shared in her luck. The store earned a bonus of $47,500 for selling the winning ticket.



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