Michigan Woman Wins $25000 A Year For Life

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Deborah Oliszewski has played the lottery for quite a while without much success. But the first time she tried the Michigan Lottery’s Lucky for Life game she bagged the top prize.

The Roseville woman bought the lucky ticket from the Van’s Party Store in Eastpointe. She really only asked the store clerk for easy picks on whatever was getting drawn the same night. All five of her numbers 06-15-18-36-47 were drawn that 13th of July which gave her the top prize of $25,000 a year for life.

By the next morning as the radio blared out news of someone winning the $25,000 a year prize, she joyfully shouted ” That’s me!” By Monday morning she was at the lottery office where she decided to forego the annuities in favor of a single payment of $390,000.

She has three plans for the money. One is to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle and to invest the rest. However, she says the financial security offered by her windfall will allow her fulfill a dream to move up north.


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