Million Pound Lottery Ticket Kept In Bag For 3 Months

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Jane O’Brien ‘s story proves that while most lottery players believe they have a real chance of winning the jackpot, it still manages to surprise them when it finally happens.

She had bought a Euromillions Raffle ticket, put it inside her bag, then promptly forgot about it.  So she carried the bag for three months, never suspecting she was a millionaire.

Only when she cleaned her bag did she think of checking the ticket, and then verifying the win through the lottery operators.  The lottery official then told her she can start screaming, which she duly did.

Jane describes herself as a dreamer who always thinks of how she would spend a big jackpot if she ever lands one.  She had also been working double shifts to fulfill a dream of visiting New York.

She is now on the way to fulfilling her dream visit in style.  She is also considering buying a home where she can live next to her mother.  With a million pounds, she can afford it and more.


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