Minnesota Man Posts 2nd Big Lottery Win

November 9th, 2016   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Anthony Fusaro of Plymouth 2nd big win

People who have won a lottery jackpot has just as much chance of winning again as the rest of us.  Anthony Fusaro of Plymouth has just proven that.

Fusaro had won a million dollars of Megamillions a mere 17 months ago.  He used that to pay off student loans and pay down payment on a new home.  Just last week he won a $874,766 Gopher 5 jackpot!  He says that this time he wants to pay off all his debts.  And he intends to continue playing the lottery!

Read more in http://www.startribune.com/twin-cities-man-hits-his-2nd-big-lottery-prize-in-less-than-17-months/399354111/

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