Retiree Posts Million Dollar Mega Millions Win

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Until recently retiree Rose Ditano was most regular lottery players. She has been playing a combination for about thirty years without much success until now.

Ditano usually plays her regular number and a quick pick on Mega Millions, which was what she bought from the Whistle Stop on Old Franklin Turnpike in Union Hall for Friday night’s draw. The next day she had her husband read out the winning numbers from the morning paper. At each number he read aloud, she would simply answer yeah, all the way to the fifth number. Turns out her lucky combination only missed the Mega Ball number!

The five digit match is good enough to give her a million dollar payday. Both Ditano and her husband were stunned. It has caught them so much by surprise that they still have no plan for their winnings except to pay off their mortgage.

The couple says that the best part about the win is not having to worry about how Social Security will tide them through their golden years, because they know that alone will not be enough. With the win, everything will be easier.


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